Welcome to the Biodynamic Education Centre

The Biodynamic Education Centre is an international college offering a range of educational programs for biodynamic farming and gardening.   The courses offered by the Biodynamic Education Centre have been written and developed over many years of practical experience in the biodynamic method for both large scale agricultural systems and smaller scale gardening systems.

Participation on courses offered by the Biodynamic Education Centre enable students to gain the knowledge and skills required to use biodynamic farming and gardening practices in their individual situations.  The courses are information intensive as well as enjoyable, and we get very positive feedback from the course participants.

Implementation of biodynamic practices will enable course participants to produce healthy, vitalised and nutritious food, regenerate and heal the forces in nature and establish productive and sustainable systems of farming and gardening.


We are organising a Foundation Course for April 2014 in conjunctions with Jurlique at their farm in Mt Barker, SA! Anyone interested in attending please contact us using the form above.  


We have a poster available for purchase in A2 and A3 sizes. It is priced at $70 for A2 and $50 for A3 plus shipping. Click Here to view. Please email me at info@biodynamiceducation.com if you are interested in owning one.

Cheyne Unwin
Managing Director

Biodynamic Education Centre

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